ch9 - Harvesting Chemical Energy Chapter 9 Objectives...

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Harvesting Chemical Energy Chapter 9 Objectives Describe how covalent bonds serve as an energy store Describe the relationship between form and function Relate the caloric requirements of humans to the energy requirements for cellular reactions Describe the workings of each phase of cellular respiration with emphasis on the reactants, the products, the net production of ATP and the cellular locations Explain how alcoholic fermentation and lactic acid fermentation can be used to generate ATP in the absence of oxygen Introduction Harvesting chemical energy from part of cycle involving mitochondria and chloroplasts Slow burning of food generates ATP With adequate O 2 supplies food is “burnt” (aerobic respiration) In absence of O 2 food molecules are “fermented” Overview of Cell Respiration Cell respiration stores energy in ATP molecules overall equation: C 6 H 12 O 6 + 6O 2 ----> 6CO 2 + 6H 2 O + energy efficiency ~40% compared with car ~25% Energy is used for body maintenance and voluntary activity average human needs ~2200kcal/day Molecular Basics Energy obtained by transferring electrons from organic molecules to oxygen movement of H + represents electron movement involves series of steps coupling endergonic and exergonic reactions each step involves electrons moving from higher energy bond to lower energy bond oxygen atoms final electron acceptors; bind with hydrogen to form water Molecular Basics Hydrogen carriers _(like NAD+)_ shuttle electrons paired endergonic-exergonic reactions are known as _redox_ (reduction-
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ch9 - Harvesting Chemical Energy Chapter 9 Objectives...

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