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final mafia essay - The Rise of the Mafia in America...

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The Rise of the Mafia in America Throughout history, crime has existed in many forms, and has been committed by individuals as well as groups. Crime exists in all cultures, has existed throughout history, and has been committed by all races. When crime is premeditated and organized, trends in history show that the criminals are more successful ( One of the most famous organized crimes in history is the Saint Valentine’s Day massacre. On February 14, 1929, St. Valentine’s Day, six members of Bugs Moran’s North Side gang were killed in a warehouse by five members of Al Capone’s South Side Italian gang. Capone had Bugs believe a truck with stolen whiskey was going to arrive at the warehouse with a load for him. Little did Bugs know he was sending his guys right into Capone’s trap. Two members of Capone’s gang entered the building dressed as police officers, three men followed in after. Once in the building, the five men lined the North Side gangsters against the wall and opened fire on them with machine guns (Helmer). This is only one of the many examples that show how organized crime can be used to successfully execute crime. One of the major groups known for their practice of organized crime is La Costa Nostra, the Italian Mafia. La Costa Nostra originated in mid-19 th century in Sicily. They were known for committing brutal crimes and revolting against the government. In my paper I am going to discuss how the mafia came to power in the Unites States of America through bloody wars between families and how it has affected America. After the Revolution of 1848 and the Revolution of 1860, Sicily was a mess and a complete chaos. The early Mafiosi used this to their advantage by getting young men to join their cause by providing them with weapons during this time. In 1860, Italy was a
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new unified state that took over both Sicily and the Papal States. After this happened, the Pope declared his hatred for the Italian state and told all the Catholics that they must “refuse to cooperate with the state” (Jacobs). This opened up another door for the growing Mafiosi to recruit more members. They did this by telling the peasants and townspeople that cooperating with the police and the government was an anti-Catholic activity. This did wonders in the growing of the mafia. During the Fascist era, Cesare Mori was granted special powers that allowed him to prosecute the members of the Mafia. This forced many Mafioso to flee the country and head to the United States. With them came the crime and corruption.
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final mafia essay - The Rise of the Mafia in America...

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