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media analysis project - Media Analysis: The Bakersfield...

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Unformatted text preview: Media Analysis: The Bakersfield Californian Most nations have newspapers that are categorized as either national or local. National newspapers circulate throughout the entire country serving the masses, which can be defined as the hundreds upon thousands of people that represent different cultures and races of a nation. On the other hand, local newspapers serve a specific city or region. There are only a handful of true national newspapers in the United States today, with the exception of The Wall Street Journal and USA Today . Large metropolitan newspapers such as The New York Times and The Washington Post serve indirectly as national newspapers due to their immense distribution networks. My local newspaper, The Bakersfield Californian , has more than seventy thousand readers and provides both local and national news coverage, advertising, and marketing opportunities to one of California’s fastest-growing cities. Every media source has a particular content style and significant formal features that are very important when writing to a particular audience. The layout of the text, photographs that accompany the articles, advertisements and marketing campaigns all indicate the direction and perspective of the editorial piece. The Bakersfield Californian portrays a classic, conservative style and attitude in its writing. The first thing you recognize when you open The Bakersfield Californian is the formal feature of the text. The text is positioned in a way that attracts the reader’s eye and makes you want to continue reading. The main story of the day is positioned in the center, accompanied by a graphic and the headline of the day, which is in a bold font much larger than the rest of the text. Each additional headline of the accompanying articles are typed in a bold font, and catchy phrases or pull quotes from the article are printed in a smaller bold font that is still easily distinguishable from the standard font of the article. The front cover of the newspaper addresses world, national, and local issues occurring at the time, which carry significant importance to the 1 1 community members and readers. These issues are designed to grip the reader with a few short community members and readers....
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media analysis project - Media Analysis: The Bakersfield...

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