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Obesity in America's Youth

Obesity in America's Youth - Obesity in America's Youth...

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Obesity in America’s Youth America’s youth is becoming fatter and fatter as years pass, putting their health at risk. According to the American Obesity Association (AOA), the percentage of American youth that are overweight has more than doubled since 1994 from eighteen percent to over forty-six percent in 2006. This wide spread epidemic is a serious issue effecting much of America’s youth across the nation and needs to be dealt with now before this problem of obesity becomes any larger. The negative effects obesity has on a person can lead to many detrimental health problems and depression. America’s youth are becoming more and more obese every year because parents are working harder and have less time to spend with their children. To prevent this plague from spreading any further parents need to spend less time working and prepare food for their children instead of picking up fast food. Also, parents need to educate their children about proper eating habits. The average full-time working adult worked 7.6 hours a day in 1994. Today, the average full-time working adult works 8.4 hours a day, according to “On an Average American Day” by Robert Longley. These statistics are only the hours worked behind the desk. This does not account for the time spent commuting and the time spent finishing work at home. With work taking up more time of a parent’s daily regimen it leaves less time for them to spend with their children. Parents become pressed on time and have to hurry from one place to another after their normal work hours that they have very little down time to spend with their children and cook them a healthy dinner. In my family growing up there were two of us children, my sister Lauren and I. On a typical weekday we would both have to be picked up from our different schools,
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taken to soccer practice, which was usually at different locations, then picked up from practice, and eventually after running other errands, we would be able to go home. But before we would ever get home the question of dinner would arise. “Mom, what’s for dinner?”, you could here me nagging from the backseat. My mom would always reply with, “Well, we can pick up something quick and easy on the way home or I can make something when we get there.” As a little kid there is no way you could turn down delicious fast food for the same macaroni and cheese your mom made every other time she cooked at home. I know my sister and I always chose to pick up fast food on the way home because as my mom said it was easier. After we drove through somewhere, got home and finished eating dinner it was already 8:30. Finally, I would be able to do any homework I was assigned for that night. After all this happens it would be close to 10 o’clock, if not later, and I would be ready for bed. This shows how pressed my family was for any extra time, there was definitely no time to cook a healthy meal.
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Obesity in America's Youth - Obesity in America's Youth...

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