Notes on Breckenridge

Notes on Breckenridge - -good marketing move by switching...

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Notes on Breckenridge - bad human resources, good idea but they do not exploit the organization well enough to create a sustainable competitive advantage - two-tiered idea good – could be costly to imitate by others if implemented correctly (kind of like a first movers advantage a la ESPN X Games) - physical resources – competitive parity, needed these to survive but no different from other microbreweries - sustained(?) competitive advantage thru the creation of Richard squire’s beer
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Unformatted text preview: -good marketing move by switching to 12 oz bottles-external environment o demographic trends affluent youth most dominant in microbrews o anheiser bush/coors/etc owned 80% of market share, left little for smaller brewers o however, craft beer segment was booming, growing very fast o very competitive industry(beer and more so, restaurants (brewpubs)-...
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