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Endress 1 Annotated Bibliography: International Business and the Global Economy Cellich, Claude, and Subhash Jain. Global Business Negotiations: A Practical Guide . Mason, OH: South-Western, 2004. In this book, economist Claude Cellich and Marketing Professor Dr. Jain Subhash discuss the imperativeness of proper communication, and relationships, cultural acceptances, and language barriers in global business negotiations. According to, their book is award winning in business literature, amongst journals, periodicals and other books. Through their systematic approach, they offer the reader a wealth of logical strategies to improve international relations amongst businesses and corporations, deal with cultural barriers, resolve marketplace disputes and come to agreements in a globally competitive economy. Cellish and Subhash write for young entrepreneurs and older, middle aged businessmen alike who wish to take their corporations to other countries. A broad spectrum, they cater to the mid-twenty year old to the mid-fifty year old audience. In the book, they first depict the role of culture in cross-border negotiations. They present the reader with the effects of culture on negotiation, and then place an emphasis on the understanding of others’ cultures and how to cope with them to improve negotiations in business. Secondly, Cellich and Subhash then demonstrate many different negotiating styles for the culturally impaired American – and how to choose one. Furthermore, the authors attempt to dissect the rhetoric involved in overseas business negotiations, such as (but not limited to): knowing one’s position, knowing the other side’s position, knowing the competition, developing strategies and tactics, etc. After presenting ways to break down cultural barriers and how to use rhetoric to capitalize on overseas negotiations, the authors emphasize on the acting or doing of the negotiations: making the first offer, how to influence negotiations, or common concerns or worries. Amidst the negotiations, Cellich and offer tactics to sack the negotiation or make a sale, from an international perspective. After presenting their multi-tiered
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Endress 2 module for over-seas business negotiations, they continue on to offer some basic negotiation tools, such as communication skills, negotiating on the internet (electronically), while also offering cases and exercises to better demonstrate their module. Compared to my other works, their book is very organized, systematic, and offers the reader with a wealth of information and knowledge regarding the conduction of overseas business negotiations. Gurría, Angel. "Making the world economy work better." OECD Observer Issue 262 July 2007 3-3. 07 Mar 2008 In Angel Gurría’s article, featured in the OECD Observer (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), the need for a better global economy is stressed. Currently Secretary General of the OECD, he speaks out to large corporations, more specifically the
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Annotated Bibliography - Endress 1 Annotated Bibliography...

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