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1 Study Sheet Music 104 Quiz 2 Musical works to know (these are on your listening): 1. Anonymous, Gregorian Chant, Versus Alleluiatici: Laudate Deum (Track 15) 2. Josquin Despres, Motet, Absalon, fili me (Track 43) 3. Bach, Mass in B minor, Gloria (Track 56) 4. Handel, Overture, Royal Fireworks Music (Track 61) 5. Vivaldi, Spring from “The Seasons” Violin Concerto, Mvt. I (Track 49) For each you should be able to identify them according to the fundamentals of music (where possible; i.e., set them into both a musical and historical context (e.g. polyphony/monphony/homophony, Mass/Motet/Chant/Opera/Concerto/Monody, from the Renaissance, Baroque, etc.), and any special aspects such as the Seasons being based upon
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Unformatted text preview: poetry, The Royal Fireworks music being performed out of doors and for a special event, etc. For the remaining questions, Look over your reading Look over the notes from class (including any special information on ancient music not covered in the book) Know: $ Information on the Periods of Music History $ Medieval Music, styles and composers $ Renaissance Music, styles, composers, innovations $ Baroque Music (beginning with opera up through Bach and Handel) $ The various ensembles and their constituent makeup (from solo to string quartet, symphony orchestra, choir, etc.)...
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