History 103 - syllabus - final-2

History 103 - syllabus - final-2 - History 103: American...

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History 103: American History to 1865 Western Washington University – Department of History; Spring 2007 MWRF 12-12:50 Kathleen A. Nuzum Phone: 650-7953 Office: Bond Hall 315 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: MWRF, 11-11:50 am or by appointment COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course will survey the history of the United States from the arrival of Native Americans through the end of the Civil War in 1865. While the course will examine the major issues and events in American history, it will give special emphasis to identifying the meaning of democracy, equality and opportunity, and therein the critical periods when these principles have been challenged and tested. COURSE OBJECTIVE: 1. The goal is to foster student capacity to think rigorously, creatively and critically about American history. By examining the past and the roots to modern institutions, ideas, values and problems, students will develop an awareness of varying perspectives, which enables us to analyze our own culture and society, and therein recognize and critique our own assumptions. 2. Students will develop skills in analyzing historical evidence (primary and secondary sources), assessing an argument based on historical fact or analogies,
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History 103 - syllabus - final-2 - History 103: American...

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