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Unformatted text preview: y sources, such as coal-fired plants, several wind farms, and solar farms. Our job is to size each of these, i.e., to choose its capacity. We will denote by ci the capacity of plant i; these must satisfy cmin ≤ ci ≤ cmax , where i i cmin and cmax are given minimum and maximum values. i i Each generation source has a cost to build and operate (including fuel, maintenance, government subsidies and taxes) over some time period. We lump these costs together, and assume that the cost is proportional to ci , with (given) coefficient bi . Thus, the total cost to build and operate the energy sources is bT c (in, say, $/hour). Each generation source is characterized by an availability ai , which is a random variable with values in [0, 1]. If source i has capacity ci , then the power available from the plant is ci ai ; the total power available from the portfolio of energy sources is cT a, which is a random variable. A coal fired plant has ai = 1 almost always, with ai < 1 when one of its units is down for maintenance. A wind farm, in contrast, is char...
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