162 optimal generator dispatch in the generator

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Unformatted text preview: ain how to find the optimal trade-off between utility U (which we want to maximize) and latency L (which we want to minimize). (d) Find U max , Lmin , and plot the optimal trade-off of utility versus latency for the network with data given in net_util_data.m, showing Lmin and U max on the same plot. Your plot should cover the range from L = 1.1Lmin to L = 11Lmin . Plot U vertically, on a linear scale, and L horizontally, using a log scale. Note. For parts (a), (b), and (c), your answer can involve solving one or more convex optimization problems. But if there is a simpler solution, you should say so. 15.4 Allocation of interdiction effort. A smuggler moves along a directed acyclic graph with m edges and n nodes, from a source node (which we take as node 1) to a destination node (which we take as node n), along some (directed) path. Each edge k has a detection failure probability pk , which is the probability that the smuggler passes over that edge undetected. The detection events on the edges are independent, so the prob...
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