k here g z 11 expz is the standard logistic

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Unformatted text preview: ld. Find all essential genes and synthetic lethals for the given problem instance, using the threshold Gmin = 0.2G⋆ . 17.4 Online advertising displays. When a user goes to a website, one of a set of n ads, labeled 1, . . . , n, is displayed. This is called an impression. We divide some time interval (say, one day) into T periods, labeled t = 1, . . . , T . Let Nit ≥ 0 denote the number of impressions in period t for which we display ad i. In period t there will be a total of It > 0 impressions, so we must have n Nit = It , for i=1 t = 1, . . . , T . (The numbers It might be known from past history.) You can treat all these numbers as real. (This is justified since they are typically very large.) The revenue for displaying ad i in period t is Rit ≥ 0 per impression. (This might come from clickthrough payments, for example.) The total revenue is T=1 n Rit Nit . To maximize revenue, we i=1 t would simply display the ad with the highest revenue per impression, and no other, in each display period. We also have in place a set of m contracts that require us to display certain numbers of ads, or mixes of ads (sa...
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