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Unformatted text preview: variation interpolation on the problem instance with data given in tv_img_interp.m. This will define m, n, and matrices Uorig and Known. The matrix Known is m × n, with (i, j ) entry one if (i, j ) ∈ K, and zero otherwise. The mfile also has skeleton plotting code. (We give you the entire original image so you can compare your reconstruction to the original; obviously your orig solution cannot access Uij for (i, j ) ∈ K.) 5.7 Piecewise-linear fitting. In many applications some function in the model is not given by a formula, but instead as tabulated data. The tabulated data could come from empirical measurements, historical data, numerically evaluating some complex expression or solving some problem, for a set of values of the argument. For use in a convex optimization model, we then have to fit these data with a convex function that is compatible with the solver or other system that we use. In this problem we explore a very simple problem of this general type. Suppose we are given the data (xi , yi ), i =...
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