n is the partial derivative of the minimum total

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Unformatted text preview: ata set, C val . Compare your solution with the following naive (‘certainty-equivalent’) approach: Replace a and d with their (sample) means, and then solve the resulting optimization problem. Give the optimal cost obtained, C ce (using the average values of a and d). Is this a lower bound on the optimal value of the original problem? Now evaluate the cost for these capacities on the validation set, C ce,val . Make a brief statement. 138 16.4 Optimizing processor speed. A set of n tasks is to be completed by n processors. The variables to be chosen are the processor speeds s1 , . . . , sn , which must lie between a given minimum value smin and a maximum value smax . The computational load of task i is αi , so the time required to complete task i is τi = αi /si . The power consumed by processor i is given by pi = f (si ), where f : R → R is positive, increasing, and convex. Therefore, the total energy consumed is n E= i=1 αi f (si ). si (Here we ignore the energy used to trans...
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