p 152 let w sn be a symmetric matrix with nonnegative

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Unformatted text preview: nt. Explain how to find the thrust profile that minimizes the touchdown time, i.e., K , with h fixed and given. Your method can involve solving several convex optimization problems. (c) Carry out the methods described in parts (a) and (b) above on the problem instance with data given in spacecraft_landing_data.m. Report the optimal total fuel consumption for part (a), and the minimum touchdown time for part (b). The data file also contains (commented out) code that plots your results. Use the code to plot the spacecraft trajectory and thrust profiles you obtained for parts (a) and (b). 14.9 Feedback gain optimization. A system (such as an industrial plant) is characterized by y = Gu + v , where y ∈ Rn is the output, u ∈ Rn is the input, and v ∈ Rn is a disturbance signal. The matrix G ∈ Rn×n , which is known, is called the system input-output matrix. The input signal u is found using a linear feedback (control) policy: u = F y , where F ∈ Rn×n is the feedback (gain) matrix, which is what we need to determine. From the equations given ab...
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