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Unformatted text preview: text book. (b) Solve the generator dispatch problem with the data given in gen_dispatch_data.m, which gives (fake, but not unreasonable) demand data for 2 days, at 15 minute intervals. This file includes code to plot the demand, optimal generator powers, and prices. (You must replace these variables with their correct values.) Comment on anything you see in your solution that might at first seem odd. Using the prices found, solve the problems in part (a) for the generators separately, to be sure they give the optimal powers (up to some small numerical errors). Remark. While beyond the scope of this course, we mention that there are very simple price update mechanisms that adjust the prices in such a way that when the generators independently schedule themselves using the prices (as described above), we end up with the total power generated in each period matching the demand, i.e., the optimal solution of the whole (coupled) problem. This gives a decentralized method for generator dispatch. 16.3 Optimizing a portfolio of energy sources. We have n different energ...
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