Important your formulation must be convex for any

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Unformatted text preview: convex optimization problem. 135 (a) Nominal optimization. Find the optimal generator and line power flows for this problem instance (without the N − 1 reliability constraint). Report the optimal cost and generator powers. (You do not have to give the power line flows.) (b) Nominal optimization with N − 1 reliability constraint. Minimize the nominal cost, but you must choose generator powers that meet the N − 1 reliability requirement as well. Report the optimal cost and generator powers. (You do not have to give the nominal power line flows, or any of the contingency flows.) 16.2 Optimal generator dispatch. In the generator dispatch problem, we schedule the electrical output power of a set of generators over some time interval, to minimize the total cost of generation while exactly meeting the (assumed known) electrical demand. One challenge in this problem is that the generators have dynamic constraints, which couple their output powers over time. For example, every generator has a maximum rate at which its power can be increased or decreased. We...
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