In order to get a plot that looks like the ones in

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Unformatted text preview: nctions fi are convex and differentiable. For u > p⋆ , define xac (u) as the analytic center of the inequalities f0 (x) ≤ u, fi (x) ≤ 0, i = 1, . . . , m, i.e., m xac (u) = argmin − log(u − f0 (x)) − i=1 log(−fi (x)) . Show that λ ∈ Rm , defined by λi = u − f0 (xac (u)) , −fi (xac (u)) i = 1, . . . , m is dual feasible for the problem above. Express the corresponding dual objective value in terms of u, xac (u) and the problem parameters. 9.2 Efficient solution of Newton equations. Explain how you would solve the Newton equations in the barrier method applied to the quadratic program minimize (1/2)xT x + cT x subject to Ax b where A ∈ Rm×n is dense. Distinguish two cases, m ≫ n and n ≫ m, and give the most efficient method in each case. 9.3 Efficient solution of Newton equations. Describe an efficient method for solving the Newton equation in the barrier method for the quadratic program minimize (1/2)(x − a)T P −1 (x − a) subject to 0 x 1, with variable x ∈ Rn . The matrix P ∈ Sn and the vector a ∈ Rn are given. As...
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