Pablo parrilo helped develop some of the exercises

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Unformatted text preview: . Pablo Parrilo helped develop some of the exercises that were originally used in 6.975. Course instructors can obtain solutions by request to, or by email to us. In either case please specify the course you are teaching and give its URL. We’ll update this document as new exercises become available, so the exercise numbers and sections will occasionally change. We have categorized the exercises into sections that follow the book chapters, as well as various additional application areas. Some exercises fit into more than one section, or don’t fit well into any section, so we have just arbitrarily assigned these. Stephen Boyd and Lieven Vandenberghe 1 Contents 1 Convex sets 3 2 Convex functions 5 3 Convex optimization problems 13 4 Duality 26 5 Approximation and fitting 39 6 Statistical estimation 52 7 Geometry 59 8 Unconstrained and equality constrained minimization 74 9 Interior point methods 80 10 Mathematical background 85 11 Circuit design 86 12 Signal processing and communications 93 13 Finance 103 14 Mechanical and aerospace engineering 116 15 Graphs and networks 127 16 Energy and power 135 17 Miscellaneous applications 146 2 1 Convex sets 1.1 Is the set {a ∈ Rk...
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