The electorate ie the set of voters in some election

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Unformatted text preview: low pertain to the data found in fba_data.m. (a) Find the maximum possible cell growth rate G⋆ , as well as optimal Lagrange multipliers for the reaction rate limits. How sensitive is the maximum growth rate to the various reaction rate limits? (b) Essential genes and synthetic lethals. For simplicity, we’ll assume that each reaction is controlled by an associated gene, i.e., gene Gi controls reaction Ri . Knocking out a set of genes associated with some reactions has the effect of setting the reaction rates (or equivalently, the associated v max entries) to zero, which of course reduces the maximum possible growth rate. If the maximum growth rate becomes small enough or zero, it is reasonable to guess that knocking out the set of genes will kill the cell. An essential gene is one that when knocked out reduces the maximum growth rate below a given threshold Gmin . (Note that Gn is always an essential gene.) A synthetic lethal is a pair of non-essential genes that when knocked out reduces the maximum growth rate below the thresho...
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