We label the eigenvalues of h as 1 n with

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Unformatted text preview: length 96 (i.e., pi (t) = 0 for t > 96). 150 • Explain how to find the optimal trade-off curve of T ther versus J ch . Your method may involve solving several convex optimization problems. • Plot the trade-off curve over a reasonable range, and be sure to explain or at least comment on the endpoints of the trade-off curve. • Plot the treatment formulation amounts versus k , and the bloodstream concentration versus t, for the two trade-off curve endpoints, and one corresponding to T ther = 8. Warning. We’ve found that CVX can experience numerical problems when solving this problem (depending on how it is formulated). In one case, cvx_status is “Solved/Inaccurate” when in fact the problem has been solved (just not to the tolerances SeDuMi likes to see). You can ignore this status, taking it to mean Optimal. You can also try switching to the SDPT3 solver. In any case, please do not spend much time worrying about, or dealing with, these numerical problems. 17.7 Sizing a gravity feed water supply network. A wat...
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