We then plot vol e on a log scale versus card o and

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Unformatted text preview: rother murdered her husband. She travels across the mediterranean and arrives on the shores of what is today modern Tunisia. The natives weren’t very happy about the newcomers, but Dido was able to negotiate with the local King: in return for her fortune, the King promised to cede her as much land as she could mark out with the skin of a bull. The king thought he was getting a good deal, but Dido outmatched him in mathematical skill. She broke down the skin into thin pieces of leather and sewed them into a long piece of string. Then, taking the seashore as an edge, they laid the string in a semicircle, carving out a piece of land larger than anyone imagined; and on this land, the ancient city of Carthage was born. When the king saw what she had done, he was so impressed by Dido’s talent that he asked her to marry him. Dido refused, so the king built a university in the hope that he could find another woman with similar talent. 70 7.15 Dual of maximum volume ellipsoid problem. Consider the problem of computing the maximum volume ellipsoid inscribed in a nonempty bounded polyhedron C = {x | aT x ≤ bi , i = 1, . . . , m}. i Par...
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