When each fj is linear ie has the form wj xj the

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Unformatted text preview: possible values for qi consistent with the spectrum min max min max measurements. We will denote these ranges as qi ∈ [qi , qi ]. Your job is to find qi and qi . min Note that if qi is large, we can confidently conclude that there is a significant amount of compound max is small, we can confidently conclude that there is not much of compound i in the sample. If qi i in the sample. min max (a) Explain how to find qi and qi , given S , l, and u. (b) Carry out the method of part (a) for the problem instance given in spectrum_data.m. (Executing this file defines the problem data, and plots the compound spectra and measurement bounds.) Plot the minimum and maximum values versus i, using the commented out code in max min the data file. Report your values for q4 and q4 . 49 5.15 Learning a quadratic pseudo-metric from distance measurements. We are given a set of N pairs of points in Rn , x1 , . . . , xN , and y1 , . . . , yN , together with a set of distances d1 , . . . , dN > 0. The goal is to find (or estimate or le...
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