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Unformatted text preview: in storage_tradeoff_data.m, Q = 35, and C = D = 3. Plot ut , pt , ct , and qt versus t. 144 (c) Storage trade-offs. Plot the minimum total cost versus the storage capacity Q, using p and u from storage_tradeoff_data.m, and charge/discharge limits C = D = 3. Repeat for charge/discharge limits C = D = 1. (Put these two trade-off curves on the same plot.) Give an interpretation of the endpoints of the trade-off curves. 16.10 Cost-comfort trade-off in air conditioning. A heat pump (air conditioner) is used to cool a residence to temperature Tt in hour t, on a day with outside temperature Ttout , for t = 1, . . . , 24. These temperatures are given in degrees Kelvin, and we will assume that Ttout ≥ Tt . A total amount of heat Qt = α(Ttout − Tt ) must be removed from the residence in hour t, where α is a positive constant (related to the quality of thermal insulation). The electrical energy required to pump out this heat is given by Et = Qt /γt , where γt = η Tt Ttout − Tt is the coefficie...
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