B carry out your method on the problem instance with

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Unformatted text preview: unstiff structure; in this case, at least one mass is not even supported against gravity.) fixed fixed (a) Suppose we know the fixed positions xfixed , . . . , xfixed , y1 , . . . , yp , the mass values m1 , . . . , mn , p 1 the spring topology A, and the constant g . You are to choose nonnegative k1 , . . . , kN , subject to a budget constraint 1T k = k1 + · · · + kN = k tot , where k tot is given. Your goal is to maximize Emin . Explain how to do this using convex optimization. (b) Carry out your method for the problem data given in tens_struct_data.m. This file defines all the needed data, and also plots the equilibrium configuration when the stiffness is evenly distributed across the springs (i.e., k = (k tot /N )1). Report the optimal value of Emin . Plot the optimized equilibrium configuration, and compare it to the equilibrium configuration with evenly distributed stiffness. (The code for doing this is in the file tens_struct_data.m, but commented out.) 116 14.2 Equilib...
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