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Unformatted text preview: bsites, courses at a university, and so on. The preferences could arise in several ways. Each of a set of evaluators provides some preferences, for example by rank ordering a subset of the objects. The problem can be thought of as aggregating the preferences given by the evaluators, to come up with a composite ranking. 17.6 Time release formulation. A patient is treated with a drug (say, in pill form) at different times. Each treatment (or pill) contains (possibly) different amounts of various formulations of the drug. Each of the formulations, in turn, has a characteristic pattern as to how quickly it releases the drug into the bloodstream. The goal is to optimize the blend of formulations that go into each treatment, in order to achieve a desired drug concentration in the bloodstream over time. We will use discrete time, t = 1, 2, . . . , T , representing hours (say). There will be K treatments, administered at known times 1 = τ1 < τ2 < · · · < τK < T . We have m drug formulations; each treatment consists of a mi...
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