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Unformatted text preview: rgy function φ(st ) = α + βst + γs2 . (The parameters α, β , and γ are given t in the data file.) Executing this file will also give a plot showing the availability times and deadlines for the jobs. Give the energy obtained by your speed profile and allocations. Plot these using the command bar((s*ones(1,n)).*theta,1,’stacked’), where s is the T × 1 vector of speeds, and θ is the T × n matrix of allocations with components θti . This will show, at each time period, how much effective speed is allocated to each job. The top of the plot will show the speed st . (You don’t need to turn in a color version of this plot; B&W is fine.) 16.6 AC power flow analysis via convex optimization. This problem concerns an AC (alternating current) power system consisting of m transmission lines that connect n nodes. We describe the topology by the node-edge incidence matrix A ∈ Rn×m , where Aij = +1 line j leaves node i −1 line j enters node i otherwise. 0 The power flow on line j is p...
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