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Unformatted text preview: Selecting a Click to edit Master subtitle style 5/12/09 {9157D48D-21AA-4CA2-BF0D-327D80B1B175} {EE47025C-5268-4D7F-A5FB-CF88FEF36A9E} {815B0E8C-2379-4FAD-BDA5-8CAB56A70BAD} Earth Physical Life The Bra nches o f Scienc e 5/12/09 22 8 Semester At least one laboratory course Credits Scientific method applied to understand natural phenomena and their causes 5/12/09 33 {97E8086D-D086-4A1E-A84F-B6C090536A58} Scientific Method {2CADDAA8-A680-495E-8099-B94899086B96} {1307DF72-6F64-41D0-8508-56B174735015} {122D5B0A-2722-47A9-AE77-3EDD5517C69A} Hypothesis Experiment Observation Theory 5/12/09 44 ...
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