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ENGLISH 111: COLLEGE WRITING Spring 2008 Memory in Art and Writing Instructor: Gregory Zuch Office: 447 Holmes Phone: 617-373-5765 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Mon/Wed 9:45-10:15; Wed 1:30-2:30; and by appointment “For them [first-year university students], college is and should be a wonderfully disruptive experience in which writing is a central medium of transformation: a way of making connections among many dimensions of learning in all fields of study.” --Keith Hjortshoj The Transition to College Writing Course Description Welcome to English U111: College Writing. This semester you will be asked to develop and push your reading, writing and critical thinking by taking an active role in the process of each writing project. You must take responsibility for your growth as a thinker and writer by committing to all phases of each writing project. You are asked to participate in academic discourse—to come to new insights about the content and form of the various types of writing we read and about the process and possibilities of your writing. Through a series of readings and sequenced writing assignments you will join the academic "conversation" by synthesizing ideas from various texts and personal experience to write thoughtful and engaging essays. Writing assignments will ask you to reflect upon the readings, build connections, and then extend the work of the authors to make you own meanings. Our activities will include discussing readings and your written work, writing in-class, work-shopping drafts, self- assessing, peer reading and commenting, and conferencing. We will focus on issues of memory in art and writing this semester. Our readings and other texts (films, art exhibits…) will consider the nature of memory and how writers, artists and others capture/represent memory in their works. The models and metaphors frequently used to conceive of memory (a bank that stores and retrieves
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CourseDescription - ENGLISH 111 COLLEGE WRITING Spring 2008...

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