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Unformatted text preview: 1) Tru e Fa ls e 1 6 . T he "labor problem" w as c onsider a problem bec ause it c reat ed c ondit ions suc h t hat (P o in ts : 1 ) Employers had dif f ic ult y f iring employees who were not produc t ive. People should have bet t er lives t han t hose c harac t erized by t he labor problem. Employers were not gaining maximum ef f ic ienc ies. b and c bot h. 1 7 . Ac c ording t o t he human resourc es sc hool of t hought , t he labor problem st ems f rom: (P o in ts : 1 ) market f ailures online.par e/DotNextLaunch.asp?cour seid= 8545448&user id= 2789631&sessionid= d5a4785bac&tabid= Kk0NBNdu/Cx1hymr k9z0ExJhAUE6snSjD0XcGxOA… 1/1...
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