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MG420 - Labor Relationsfdfsd

P o in ts 1 equal pay ac t civil right s ac t employee

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Unformatted text preview: ) Equal Pay Ac t Civil Right s Ac t Employee Ret irement Inc ome Sec urit y Ac t F air Labor St andards Ac t 3 1 . Job c ont rol unionism plac es a high degree of value on w orker part ic ipat ion in management dec ision making. (P o in ts : 1 ) Tru e Fa ls e 3 2 . Employee empow erment unionism is f oc used on developing st andardized out c omes f or w orkers w it hin t he same oc c upat ion. (P o in ts : 1 ) Tru e Fa ls e online.par k.edu/r e/DotNextLaunch.asp?cour seid= 8545448&user id= 2789631&sessionid= d5a4785bac&tabid= Kk0NBNdu/Cx1hymr k9z0ExJhAUE6snSjD0XcGxOA… 1/1...
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