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Philosophy Discussion Question 2

Philosophy Discussion Question 2 - seriously offended by...

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Eric Scheuing Philosophy 104 TA: Sasha Jay 11/09/07 Discussion Question: Hate Speech In the Lawrence & Gunther reading, both men are against the censorship of hate speech. In their arguments, they both say that the First Amendment is supposed to garner as much speech as possible, whether our current society would smile or frown upon it. This idea includes racist and other hate speech. However, neither of them seem to take into account, that no matter who the hate speech is directed at, there will be people who will be
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Unformatted text preview: seriously offended by something said, and violence will ensue. Lawrence says that violent speech should not be punished, but doesn’t take violent acts by the receiving end of the hate speech? Both men seem to take freedom of speech very literally, when it could also be interpreted as freedom of expression. Hate speech and hate crimes will come hand in hand if hate speech goes uncensored. Does justifying hate speech justify the responses that are almost guaranteed?...
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