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Arch paper - 2 copies 1 w name 1 w/o Main focus critique...

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2 copies: 1 w/ name, 1 w/o Main focus: critique need several points(ideas & concepts) of critique with a well backed up statements and quotes w/ ex from the text Summary; SHORT: The Pantheon is an ancient marvel for the modern times holding together the history of past and present of Roman and Greek architecture. The engineering and architecture that remain speak volumes of the ingenious design of Hadrian’s rule. The Pantheon’s circular design can trace its way back to Nero’s octagonal palace. The Pantheon in a similar compiling manner was perfected with multiple new techniques, such as concrete and double vaulting. However, the Pantheon’s meaning is possibly the most important and elusive part that history cannot retell. Some details that remain unknown are the meaning of the proportions in relation to the societies value and way of life. For example the geometric symmetry that is(awk plentiful through out) from the perfectly proportioned dome and cylinder to the apses that segment the interior. The very location of the Pantheon is placed in an axial form to other
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