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Philosophy Discussion Question 5 - giving a book away and...

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Eric Scheuing TA: Sasha Jay Philosophy Discussion Question 5 At the very beginning of James Rachels’ topic on libertarian justice, he mentions the entitlement theory. Although he brings up good points to support it, I still feel unconvinced that it would work in real life situations. As a theory, the entitlement seems to be a completely valid way of looking at ownership, but when it is actually analyzed, many holes can be found in it. For example, Rachels brings up the idea of a person
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Unformatted text preview: giving a book away and two people want it. The one who does not get the book has no entitlement to it, but what about the one who does? The book was not his to begin with, but when the book is given to him, then is ownership transferred? If this is the case, what happens when a person lets a friend borrow something? Technically ownership is transferred in that situation, so would the person who borrowed the item still be required to return it?...
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