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Philosophy Discussion Question 6

Philosophy Discussion Question 6 - Also this argument is...

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Eric Scheuing TA: Sasha Jay Discussion Question 6 In the Singer article, when he discusses the idea that he should be morally obligated to save a drowning child’s life rather than risk damaging a pair of shoes, it seems that he is only using one instance of this. For example, if he were on his way to a job interview for a job in order to feed his family, and lost the job because he walked into the interview soaking wet, he would have saved one life, but put others in danger.
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Unformatted text preview: Also, this argument is only singular here. Previously in the article, he states the argument that whenever a person buys a luxury item, they are possibly responsible for the death of someone elsewhere in the world that could have used the money that he used to buy the item for food. Therefore, does this expand out to say that people should just spend enough money to get by, and not buy anything for themselves to enjoy once in a while?...
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