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Old Roman warrior culture vs. new oratory politician culture. This was true in Elizabethan England at the time as well. Many of the old, noble houses were dying out. These were the renaissance men. They were replaced by these new families who were created rather than were just there. There’s much more use for politicians at this time then there is superheroes. So, as the world expands, you need to replace your warriors with your politicians. You couldn’t know everything about the world, so you needed to trust your advisors. The new nobility is diplomats and politicians Titus has sheathed his sword; he’s no longer the man in charge here. His time has passed here. His 25 sons and one daughter are more soldiers than children, except for Lavinia. The 21 who died in war were mourned as soldiers of war, not kids. Those that died elsewhere were mourned as children. The sacrifice of Tamora’s eldest child is a religious sacrifice to Titus. He’s the final casualty of war and he must be killed “to appease the shadows.” Titus shows dominance
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