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More Arden of Boringersham Black Will was a soldier. Now there’s no war and his station has gone down. He knows how to kill and that’s about it. There are conduct books as to how to write love letters. Michael dips into these to no avail. Arden is dense. If he were somewhat intelligent, he’d know his attackers were coming. Arden is a pompous bastard and hey, we like seeing pompous bastards taken down a peg. Arden doesn’t notice the people sociably beneath him, but then again, neither do we. It’s class and class within the feudal system. Removal from the norms of the class mold are common in this work, and the fact that Arden gets annoyed every time they happen is detrimental to his character.
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Unformatted text preview: If Black Will and Shakebag are these two amazing criminals, why does a locked door stop them? Well, they get to complain the next day, but other than that, they’re whiny little incompetent murderers. Dreams are omens. Arden’s dream should have been all the information he needed as to what was going on in the world around him with those trying to kill him. But, as Arden is an idiot, he doesn’t even realize with the words “You are the prey we seek!” that there are those out to get him. Idiot. Commoner still can’t hunt, btw. More social commentary. Deer are women (Alice). If the audience didn’t know what was going to happen yet, they know now....
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