2.20 - this with his hatred of Arden and his land owning...

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More Farvershamalamadingdong That damned deer! Sex and money. She’s in it for the sex, he’s in it for the cash. The known murderer who exists happily as everyone knows he has his trade and everyone partakes of his services. The need for Sparafucile. There is most certainly a paper in there somewhere. Ferryman: if you needed a reminder, Arden is going to die. And hey, look, an illusion to the classics! It’s nice to see someone who hates Arden but doesn’t want to kill him. Dick Reede shows
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Unformatted text preview: this with his hatred of Arden and his land owning ways. We need to be reminded that Arden is not a nice man. Things like this make him less human. It is the job of the male friend to keep their other in line. Arden: Stabbed to death Susan: Hung Black Will: Burnt on a stage Shakebag: Escaped, but killed later on Mosby: Hung Alice: Burnt Michael: Hung Greene: Hung Painter: Dunno...
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