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Valentia! More gambling! Wow, lets lose everything to the emperor over a game of dice. Ring a ding ding! Lucina overdoes her virtue a bit? Well, she does have to deal with EVERYONE pushing her towards the emperor. Is Lucina naive concerning the invitation or resignation to the fact that she’s not going to get out of everyone trying to get her to sleep with the emperor? And why’d he send a eunuch? Pontius. Why Pontius? Women buying men for their sexual services? What a country! Deep irreligion. Pontius, see Pilate, is a religious one.
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Unformatted text preview: We can’t get her on the sexuality. So, what about shiny things? Everyone loves shiny things. The court sets the stage for rape, and everyone’s excited for it! The singing is annoying. Really really annoying. Lucina doesn’t like the lyrics, and is nowhere near as frightened as she should be in this situation. Honey, Maximus isn’t going to save you. Seduction time! Oh, it was a test. RAPE. Hey everybody, she got fucked! WE GET PAID NOW! WOOO! You been raped, beotch!...
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