3.12 - Vindice: Ill kill him. Ill kill him dead if youd...

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White Devil- it looks innocent, but it’s still a devil. Therefore it can seduce you and lead you to evil and you wouldn’t (at first) know it. Supervaccio and Ambitioso are a team of idiots. They on a whole are the stupid, ambitious one. Lussurioso: Hippolito, can you get your brother to kill that knavish slave Piato Hippolito: Sure
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Unformatted text preview: Vindice: Ill kill him. Ill kill him dead if youd like me to. Lussurioso: Sure. Thatd be awesome. We have to hide the Dukes body somewhere. Where, we dont know, but somewhere. Vindice was a lawyer. Figures. HOW DARE YOU CONSIDER LETTING SIS SLEEP WITH THE DUKE WHEN I DROVE A BOATLOAD OF MONEY INFRONT OF YOU....
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