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Let’s accuse Piato right off the bat of poisoning the Duke! That’s a great idea! Okay, now that’s Lussurioso’s the Duke, let’s figure out how to kill him. Dumb shows are time compressors. Everyone hates Lussurioso at his coronation, and Lussurioso hates the comet. Enter four Revengers. They stab the four people at the table. It thunders. Vindice gets a cookie. Thunder = cannonballs rolling over sheet metal above the stage. Second maskers go to kill Lussurioso and co., are angry to find them dead, and end up killing each other.
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Unformatted text preview: Antonio has to have Vindice and Hippolito killed- they’ve killed before, they’ll kill him too. Hubris is an AWESOME sin. But what happens when Antonio dies? There’s no real hope at the end. We’re using the mind as a weapon more now than we were at the start of the term. You need your good revenger, with the ability to think things through. Antonio’s Revenge: the parody....
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