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Amintor finally wants to fight so that he may die honorably by the hand of Melantius. James I put an end to dueling, in France 3000+ noblemen died a year, so they outlawed it too. Dueling was killing off the nobility. Amintor has done nothing directly, might as well die indirectly too. Melantius and Calinax are going to conquer the fort and act from there. Taking the fort is their best way of enacting revenge, as it takes away the King’s power and can claim they now have the divine right to rule and the king has lost it. This is also a great
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Unformatted text preview: foreshadowing of what happened after the death of Charles I. Melantius threatens Evadne with the sword to make her confess her misdeeds. Our father would be ashamed: You killed our honor. How long have you been doing this? Too long. Thanks king, for repaying my family like this these are our soldiers thanks. REPENT. Okay, okay, Ill repent. So go kill the king. And die in the process so that you dont dishonor the family any more. Amintor finally gets to be in charge!...
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