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I hate sleep deprivation. More importantly, Lysippus is a good king. Gives Melantius blanks to do with what he pleases. Aspatia has a brother in the army that she kinda looks like. So she steals his armor and pretends to be her. Poor thing is constantly upstaged, so she does suicide by police. She gets to be penetrated, but not the way she really wanted. To play the wronged woman: dress up like a dude. I feel much better now that I’ve been penetrated. Evadne: Look at what I did! Aspatia: O! O! O! Amintor: Is that blood? Cool. Evadne: Wanna bone? Amintor: Ew. Evadne and Aspatia have reversed roles in this final part. Evadne: You don’t want to bone? Stabs herself Aspatia: O! O! O! Amintor: Yeah, I sure screwed Aspatia over. That was bad of me.
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Unformatted text preview: Aspatia: Someone say my name? Amintor: Wait, that’s you? Dammit. The head! If I move it in between her legs, she’ll liiiiiiiiive. She doesn’t Oh bother. Stab . We have three suicides: two, and one by proxy. This is what happens when a tyrant rules. Is Amintor the maid? Tossed around by a spouse, ordered to marry, chaste until she marries, never has sex. Aspatia is penetrated before she dies. Amintor’s the sole virgin. Amintor dies in the arms of Melatius, his bestest bud. Paper topic in the 40 year old virgin? Female sexuality is front and center here. We end on a non-corrupt leader. And how’d this get past the censors? Changeling on Friday....
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