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We know who wrote The Changeling. In fact, we know who wrote what part of The Changeling. Middleton was born of new gentleman class, attended Oxford, wrote with some of his friends. Died in 1620 and was highly respected in his own time. T. S. Elliot deemed him second only to Shakespeare. It’s speculated that he edited Macbeth and Measure for Measure. He was thought to be a Calvinist (damned versus elite elect). Raleigh: Clown specialist. Often performs in the plays that he authored. Wrote parts for himself. Started with Queen Anne’s Men. Started the troupe that would become Prince
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Unformatted text preview: Charles’s Men, joined the King’s Men in 1623. We can tell the difference between the two playwrights. If it’s funny: Raleigh. Else, Middleton. The Triumph Of The Gods Revenge Against The Crying and Execrable Sin of Murder. The plot and the subplot rarely meet. Changeling: fairies stealing infants, replacing them with their own, comedy ensues. Deemed best collaboration of its time. If you think it’s a penis, it’s a penis. Appearance v. reality. No respect for the church. Trying to get back to the birthplace of man: the vajayjay....
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