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Show that if n is a positive integer then 1352n 1n2

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Unformatted text preview: P(___): P(___): Inductive Hypothesis: P(j): We can form ___≤___≤___ cent postage with ___≥___ cents Inductive Step: P(j) → P(k+1): We can form ________, so adding a ________ makes _________. Conclusion: _____________________________________________, ____________________________________________, ____________________________________. Prove that every dollar value greater than 4 can be made up of only $2 and $5 Basis Step: Inductive Hypothesis: P(j): Inductive Step: P(j) → P(k+1): Conclusion: Show that you can form all postage greater than 32 cents using 5 cent stamps and 9 cent stamps....
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