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2nd midterm notecard religion

2nd midterm notecard religion - Synoptic same view as jesus...

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Differences between the gospels: Matthew: jewish audience, longer, jewish prophecy fulfilled, 2 nd , sermon on the mount, based on mark Mark: 1 st , roman audience, shortest, all foods clean, historically accurate, no birth narratives, empty tomb but no ressurection, petrine tradition Luke: gentile audience, 3 rd, Pauline tradition, John- no parables, jesus is god is human flash, gentile audience, Synoptic gospels: matthew, luke share material “q” document, matthew drew from mark Perusia- second coming of jesus Sermon on the mount, observence of the law, attitudes and spirit more than the letter, material wealth is bad, not swear oaths, forgiveness, personal pacifishm, give to beggars, “extra mile”, hypocricy, lord’s prayer Trinity, father, son, and holy spirir, explained in great detail in john Revelations: book of Daniel, not written as same person as john, jewish prophecy, different style, not abstract Book of Acts wrote gospel of luke, bridge gospels and apistles (letters in NT) luke- physician traveling with paul who wrote apistles
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Unformatted text preview: Synoptic- same view as jesus, messianic secret, immanent apocalypse Logus- word for jesus before he was jesus Christ born of the virgin mary Calvinist- god chooses who goes to hean and hell-predestination Arminians- predestines on basis of what god knew you would do Zealots: violent revolution against rome Sadducees: cooperation with romans, controlled the temple Phariseas- controlled synagogue, grudging cooperation with romans, focused on teaching of torah and strict teaching of it Gospel of mark- switch to emphasis on eternal individual life, not apocypoltic Catholics: salvation by grace through faith and works Protestantism- scripture alone, faith alone, some predestination Faith and works in paul and james: paul- you can’t earn salvation, faith=trust in jesus James- belief=intellectual assent, faith without works is dead, true faith results in works...
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