History 1 Unit 2

Wheredidthelpend louisandclarkexp redefiningempire

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Unformatted text preview: as Debacle • 1850’s: Mexican independence and the empresario system for Tejas • • • • American settlers and the challenge of slavery—to chattel or not to chattel? Mexican fears of being overrun‐ attempted assimilation meets revolt 1835‐1836: independence and the US – to annex or not to annex 1845: Texas annexed – leads to war with Mexico over boundaries and legality o once again, LP is used to claim legality to do so Opposing Mexican Incorporation • Mexican‐American war • Victory brings questions: o What to do with Mexico? o What to do with Mexicans? • What is Calhoun’s opinion? Limits of Federalism • Expansion challenged balance between N and S economic interests • Free/slave states issue a symptom, not cause, of deep cultural divide in US...
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