SOCA 252 Fall 2007 Exam #6 Study Guide

SOCA 252 Fall 2007 Exam #6 Study Guide - SOCA 252:...

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SOCA 252: Introduction to Physical Anthropology Review Sheet Exam #6 The exam is composed of 46 multiple choice (including true/false) questions. This exam covers the material in Stanford et al. chapters 11 (pages 283-end), 12, 13, and 14 ( in so far as we cover this in class ). Please note that vocabulary which repeats from earlier in the course (e.g., phylogentic tree, some osetological information) might be necessary to complete this exam; however this exam will focus on the new material. You do not need to know the specific dates to successfully complete this exam, though you do need to place fossil forms in time relative to one another (therefore, a general familiarity of the dates is helpful). This exam is straightforward in that the topics are the development of the genus Homo over time: Homo erectus , Archaic Homo sapiens ( Homo heidelbergensis ), Neanderthals, and Anatomically Modern Humans (AMH, or Homo sapiens ). Know the basic context, morphology (including cranial capacities), and cultural/behavioral information associated with each major fossil or modern species. Realize that there are some controversial interpretations to pay attention to as well. Note the mosaic nature of the evolution of the genus Homo and that biological changes seem to predate cultural/behavioral changes. Topic One: Homo erectus : importance=first to leave Africa (and the differences in Asia); morphology (including the sagittal keel); possible difference between Homo erectus and Homo ergastor , and Homo ergastor’s
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SOCA 252 Fall 2007 Exam #6 Study Guide - SOCA 252:...

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