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Children and Mass Media Notes - Children may take the...

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Children may take the knowledge that they take from the media as truth and not distinguish it. Area of Children in Television is where most of the research exists today. Television collective whipping post cultural scapegoat. It has been blamed for the downfall of the arts, epidemic of obesity. As children is concerned the criticism is harsher. Fundamentally TV is bad for Children. Plug in Drug, Amusing ourselves to death writers says children mesmerizes kids turn them into zombies, passively watching. Kate Moody tv causes directional dyslexia looking up and down effects cognitive process Someone else says Tv effects language cognition by effecting brain region but it is not backed up by science. No research and the research that exits proves the opposite. 98.9% of all American homes had at least one television set a couple of years ago In 2010 for the first time ever media researchers found that percentage of TVs in houses dropped to 97. Computers! watching tv through it. In the households with a child under 18 living it was 99 percent. More than 95 percent also have video players etc. 75 have computers. The Avarage home with children have at least 3 tv sets, 3 kinds of video players, 3 different kinds of music players, 3 video counsel, ( ) computers. Media penetrated across different income groups. There is internet 65 ? percentish in america. 5-8 year old children are heaviest Tv consumers 75 percent of children watched tv daily. Plus the other screen time it adds up more. Regardless of Economic disparities, access to media is defying income groups. 75 percent of preschool children. Children under 2, almost no screentime is recommended, At most 2 hours for youngsters but the truth is 40 hours per week. AC Nielson (Media time measuring). Every Day 7 hours and 30 minutes. PreSchoolers 30ish per week. PreTeens 28 hours a week. 2010 study. If you add in all the stuff together. Amount of time that an avarage american child spends every week is 54 hours more or less 1.35 minutes plus for texting. Concerns about media aren’t new. Certain concerns are always same. Anytime a new media is introduced. They are detractors says children are spending too much time, its gonna expose them to bad things. Its same about telephones, internet. In 1930s the first media studies looking at the effects of movies they were same concerns. Pro group says its a whole new things, Con groups says movies gonna expose them to sex and they will have a deleterious effect. Next new thing. The controversy and concerns will be the same. People were really worried about comic books as well. Researches fall into a predictable set of pattern. How does a particular set of technology is used. Are there demographic differences? Nature of the content itself. Violence, Gender, Race are 3
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Children and Mass Media Notes - Children may take the...

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