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Osteology #1 Chart--Answer Key

Osteology #1 Chart--Answer Key - breastbone 1 1 Sacrum...

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SOCA 252: Osteology #1—Answer Key Names: BONES ELEMENT NAME CRANIAL OR POSTCRANIA L? PAIRED? GENERAL SHAPE ARTICULATES WITH… FUNCTION 1 Frontal Cranial NO Parietals; zygomatic; maxilla; sphenoid Front of brain case 2 Maxilla Cranial Yes Zygomatic; frontal; sphenoid; (mandible) Palate; upper jaw 3 Mandible Cranial No (maxilla); (temporals) Lower jaw 4 Parietal Cranial Yes Frontal; occipital; temporals; sphenoid Top/sides of brain case 5 Occipital Cranial NO Parietals; temporals; sphenoid; cervical vertebrae Back/bottom of brain case 6 Temporal Cranial Yes Sphenoid; parietals; occipital; zygomatic; (mandible) Side/bottom of brain case; auditory canal 7 Sphenoid Cranial NO Maxilla; frontal; parietals; temporals Bottom of brain case; sinuses 8 Zygomatic Cranial Yes Maxilla; temporals Cheekbone; eye orbit 9 Innominate (Os coxae) Postcranial Yes Sacrum; femur; composed of the ilium, ischium, and pubis Forms pelvis 1 0 Sternum Postcranial No Clavicle; (ribs)
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Unformatted text preview: breastbone 1 1 Sacrum Postcranial No Pelvis; lumbar vertebrae; coccyx vertebrae Forms pelvis; bottom of vertebral column LANDMARKS “STATION” REGION LIST LANDMARKS & THE BONE WHERETHE LANDMARK IS LOCATED 12 Cranium 1) Zygoma root; temporal 2) Mastoid process; temporal 3) Occipital protuberance; occipital 4) Muscle lines; temporal (parietal) 5) Ascending ramus; mandible 13 Cranium 1) Supraorbital ridges; frontal 2) Orbital margins; frontal 3) Palate; maxilla 4) Dental arcade; maxilla 5) Foramen magnum; occipital 14 Pelvis 1) Sub-pubic angle; pubis 2) Pubic bone shape; pubis 3) Ventral arch; pubis 4) Sub-pubic angle shape; pubis 5) Greater sciatic notch; ilium/ischium 15 Pelvis 1) Sacroiliac articulation; ilium 2) Acetabulum; ischium 3) Obturator foramen; pubis/ischium 4) Blade of ilium; ilium 5) Sacrum; sacrum...
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Osteology #1 Chart--Answer Key - breastbone 1 1 Sacrum...

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