The Art in Religion

The Art in Religion - The Art in Religion Stephen Dedalus...

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The Art in Religion Stephen Dedalus is an artist who is bound merely from the consistent attempts to remain unbound. His life is composed of continuous attempts to live a life full of liberty, and in doing so, creates another restriction. Throughout his lifetime, Stephen visits both extremes of the spiritual and artistic lifestyles, through practicing religion and poetry. He travels from becoming a spoon-fed Christian boy with a hidden passion for art - to a sinning, breathing, and living artist. He wonders through the earthly and the cosmic views of life, and searches for the ideal lifestyle that best suits his wondering soul. Stephen soon finds a sense of freedom in both religious and non- religious aspects of life, and discovers this through the process of inspiration and experimentation from events that unfold in his life. Growing up in a traditional Christian environment, the repetitive lifestyles of a Christian are immediately fed to young Stephen through his education. Each day is spent worshiping and exalting a God he does not even have a personal belief in. This distracts him from his true primary passion in life as an artist, and does not serve him well in his artistic growth throughout his childhood.
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The ideal traditions of Christianity in the Irish culture have created a path for young Stephen leaving no room for personal growth or independence. Although he starts out forced on this path, he slowly ventures off the path and forges his own. In T.S. Eliot's essay, “Tradition and the Individual Talent,” it is discussed that artists have proclaimed in the past against artistic tradition. There are also others who claim that the artistic traditions are for those who can learn from the artwork from the past, and obtain the ability to use it as a tool to craft more original work. Those who are believers of the Christian theology and
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The Art in Religion - The Art in Religion Stephen Dedalus...

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